1.1  Please note that travel costs may apply

1.2  Travel cost does not apply within a 20 mile of Harrogate.

1.3  Travel costs beyond the 20 mile radius will be chargeable upon arrival to clients destination and will be based on Home Cook charging clients 40p per mile. 



2.1  All fees are to be paid in full at the time of booking.

2.2  We will offer refunds due to cancellation, however Home Cook must be notified giving 7 days notice prior to a cancellation being made.  Refunds will be made via PayPal.  We are also flexible in offering a suitable alternative date and time, particularly where clients have not contacted us within the 7 day cancellation period.

2.3  Home Cook reserve the right to cancel classes in the event of unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions, however will provide suitable alternative booking arrangements to suit the client.

2.4  Home Cook fee is based on providing a minimum of 1 x session for a maximum of 2 x hours.  Additional travel costs may apply.



3.1  Home Cook will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of Home Cook.

3.2 Home Cook will not be liable for any injuries of any kind.

3.3 Home Cook will not accept any responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions.



4.1 Terms and conditions to be agreed between Home Cook and Client prior to any bookings being made.



5.1  Home Cook will be entitled to cancel any course at any time subject to repayment of any deposit and fees received in respect of the course or part of the course which has been cancelled.



7.1 Home Cook prides itself on providing a professional service and maintaining client confidentiality.



8.1 Home Cook regards the promotion of equality and diversity as central to the development and sustainability of a business and within society.



Use of photograph(s)/words

9.1 Your photograph(s)/words will be used solely to promote the activities of Home Cook and may appear in any of our promotional material in printed or electronic form including web sites, in multimedia productions or leaflets.  Please note that websites can be seen worldwide and not just in the UK where UK law applies. 


The Data Protection Act 1998

9.2  To comply with the Act, we need your permission before we take any photographs or use your words. We will normally store photographs/words securely in our image library for no longer than 5 years and your consent will expire after this period.  We will request your consent prior to any photograph(s)words been featured and ask you to complete our consent form granting permission.   






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