Cooking support at home

Home Cook can offer a range of 1-1 support and guidance based on cooking support at home, offering a free consultation at your home, tailored to suit your requirments. For further details - please contact me to arrange a free no obligation consultation.


Examples of just some of the practical cookery classes we offer: 

Cookery classes are based on practicing recommended food safey guidelines, food hygiene, cooking, preparing and storing food safely.  We can also provide a wide selection of FREE booklets and leaflets based on eating a healthy balanced diet, food safety and living a healthy active lifestyle.  Visit our leaflets page to view a range of leaflets available.  We can bring leaflets direct to your home on the day of your cookery class and also send leaflets with orders upon request. 


Who are they for?

We offer a wide range of cookery classes to cater for all  requirments.  For example you may choose to book a cookery class for yourself or decide to invite a couple of friends or family to your cookery class and join in the fun at no extra cost.  You may also like to book a class for your children and their friends for that special occasion.  The choice varies and allows you the flexibility to choose a cookery class tailored around your requirements.

Here is a list of suggestions to help you decide how to create your own unique cookery class.   Maximum number attending a cookery class at any one time is 6.  Please ensure you have adequate space available prior to booking a cookery class.  Home Cook will discuss this with you prior to placing your booking. A responsible adult must also be present at all childrens cookery classes.  


one to one cookery classes - offering flexible one to one cookery classes for either yourself or for someone else.

You and a friend/s - why not treat yourself and/or someone else to a cookery class of choice.  We have a range of cookery classes, products and gift vouchers available for you to choose from.   

You and your family - involve all the family in making a selection of family meal favourites.  Share the task of preparing and cooking meals and snacks, make mealtimes fun, creative and enjoyable for all the family.

childrens cookery classes - book a cookery class at home for your children/grandchildren and their friends for that special occassion.  Ideal for birhday's, halloween, festive seasons, or to simply treat your loved ones to something special.  A responsible adult must be present throughout childrens cookery classes.

teenagers cookery classes - Increase their practical culinary skills and let them treat you to a delicious and tasty meal for you and all the family.   Our cookery classes can help them to build confidence whilst learning how to make healthy snacks and home cooked meals for themselves. 

getting ready to leave home cookery classes - prepare your loved ones to learn the basics before they venture off into the big wide world of  university and college with some tasty, wholesome, easy to make home cooked meals. 

weaning stages cookery classes - why not invite friends and/or family to your home to prepare and cook a range of recipes suitable for weaning stages, finger foods and lunchboxes for little ones.   Become inspired by the rainbow of foods babies can learn to enjoy from an early age. 


What we offer and more .......

Learning the basics - Gain practical knowlege and experience in learning how to prepare and cook delicious dishes using basic ingredients.  Increase your confidence and practical skills within the comfort of your own home. 

Cooking for one - Increase your practical cooking skills, learn how to cook using various recipes and save time and money by storing homemade meals of your choice, made by you!

Afternoon tea party - why not create your own afternoon tea party with a unique twist.  Invite your friends to help you bake and create a selection of cakes and sandwiches and then sit down, relax and enjoy your wonderful home made creations!

Cooking on a budget - Learn how to cook on a budget, be inspired at how to use up stock cupboard ingredients to make delicious home cooked dishes.  Learn how to reduce food wastage, introduce having a  grocery shopping list  to save  yourself time and money whilst purchasing quality grocery items that you can use again and again.  Say goodbye to convenient ready made meals and the added fat, sugar and salt that many products contain.   Prepare your own, cook your own, freeze your own ...its that simple!

Cooking for a large family - save time and money by making a range of meals for you and your family using basic ingredients.

Baking - Learn how to bake a wide selection of puddings, cakes and some of your favourite delicious desserts.

Asian cookery - Cook a selection of curries from vindaloo to korma, the list is endless, have a go at making your own naan bread, chaphati's and pilau rice. 

Traditional Scottish cookery - Make a selection of traditional Scottish dishes from cullen skink to kedgeree to haggis, neeps and tatties. 

Traditional English cookery - choose to make a selection of traditional English dishes from Yorkshire puddings to a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings to cornish pasties. 

Gluten free and vegeterian cooking - Learn how to make your own gluten freen and vegetarian dishes using basic ingredients, helping you to create a range of delicious meals as well as saving you time and money. 

weight management programmes - Home Cook also offers weight management cookery classes, providing a practical guide using basic ingredients as part of eating a healthy balanced diet and living a healthy active lifestyle.  We also provide a wide range of FREE booklets and leaflets based on food and health, active lifestyle and food safety.  Please contact us for further details and to request your FREE copies prior to placing your booking. 

We also offer classes to learn ...  Italian cookery, Caribbean cookery, Chinese cookery, Fruit smoothie making and chocolate making.  The choice is endless. 





FREE Initial consultation

I will arrange to visit your home free of charge for up to one hour.  The free consultation will offer you the opportunity to discuss how and if we can work together to ensure Home Cook can offer a range of suitable support and guidance.  I can also offer alternative options to suit client needs and requirements, offering signposting and referrals to specialist services/agencies. 


Standard fees

Following this, fees are based on length and requirements of each session, where a fee is payable.  Variable payment options available.     



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