The following FREE leaflets can be requested prior to booking a cookery class or upon request when placing an order.  Please choose from our wide selection of healthy lifestyle leaflets and notify us of the leaflets you have selected and we will provide you with your leaflets on the day of your cookery class.  Please let us know if you are unable to find any information you are looking for as we are able to access a wide range of  leaflets upon request. 

Listing of available leaflets

  • Eating Well - healthy eating for you and your heart.
  • The eatwell plate
  • Cut down on salt - its important for you and your family.
  • Healthy eating for a healthy heart.
  • So you want to lose weight for good.
  • Cut the saturated fat.
  • Are you getting enough - is your body getting what it needs?
  • Young minds - worried about eating problems and disorders.
  • Strive for five to stay alive.
  • Healthy, happy kids - simple steps to healthy weight.
  • Eat fish - benefits and meal ideas.
  • Keep your lunchbox healthy.
  • Breakfast - who needs it?  WE ALL DO!
  • Spotting the signs of malnutrition.
  • Im hungry, FEED ME please!
  • Diet and my teeth.
  • How do I watch my weight during pregnancy?
  • Good heart food.
  • Calorie packed meals for your child.
  • Hand me 5.
  • Your guide to the eatwell plate.
  • Healthy Living - maintaining a healthy body and mind.
  • Healthy eating - your guide to eating well.
  • Keep yourself healthy - a guide to having a healthy heart.
  • Be active - your way, every day.
  • Vitamin D and you
  • Get going - fibre in your food.
  • Fun first foods.
  • At risk of falling - how your diet can help.
  • So you want to lose weight - for good. 
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • Alcohol - calorie calculator.
  • Caring for my teeth.
  • Physical activity and weight loss.
  • Eating for a healthy heart.
  • Top tips for top kids.




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