ETHICAL POLICY  -  If it matters to you then it matters to us ...

Home Cook strives to conduct business to the highest ethical and environmental standards and seeks to use and utilise suppliers who have the same ethical approach within their own business.  Home Cook carries out its's own research prior to contacting and agreeing business with it's suppliers to ensure they practice ethical standards.  So when a customer purchases our goods they know that they have been produced under acceptable conditions.  That means that the goods must have been produced:

• lawfully, through fair and honest dealing;

• without exploiting the people who made them;

• in decent working conditions; 

• reducing the environmental impact during production and transportation.

It is important to us that our clients are aware that we have strict codes of conduct regards ethical and enviornmental standards and that these are practiced by Home Cook as a sole trading business. 




Our clients

  • we treat ALL our clients the same way we wish to be treated ourselves.

  • clients have the opportunity to provide feedback and comment on our services.

  • we Listen and respond positively to our clients view and input.

  • our clients are satisfied with the quality of products and services we provide. 

  • we remain loyal to all of our customers and enjoy the journey together!

  • we appreciate and value all our clients and their custom.

  • clients are involved in the type of products and services we deliver. 



  • supplies are sourced locally wherever possible.

  • all suppliers are compatable with Home Cook ethical principals and standards.

  • supplies are ordered in bulk wherever possible to help the environment.


Home Cook services

  • Home Cook cookery classes can contribute to help reduce loneliness within society.

  • equality and diversity are promoted within our business and services.

  • we can contribute towards the health and wellbeing of individuals within society. 



  • packaging is used adequately and recycled appropriately.  

  • we purchase packaging from recycleable friendly suppliers.

  • we re-use packaging wherever possible. 



  • we advertise through local newspapers, magazines and our website.

  • we use stationary appropriately when promoting Home Cook.

  • leaflets and posters etc are limited to help preserve the environment. 


Office recycling

  • all cardboard waste, paper, and stationery is recycled.

  • we purchase paper and stationery from recycleable suppliers.

  • email is our preferred method of communication to reduce paper usage.

  • we recycle unrepairable office and other equipment. 

  • we have our toners/ink cartridges re-filled. 

  • unused office stationary and items is recycled or donated.



  • we provide employment opportunites within local communities.

  • we recognise and value the importance of employee's potential and development. 

  • we help towards sustaining long term employment.

  • we employ diversity within the workplace.

  • we provide opportunities for employees to contribute to the growth and development of Home Cook.


Fundraising and donations

  • contribute towards helping local and national charities.

  • personally participate in raising funds for charity.

  • promote awareness of local and national charities and fundraising.  


It matters to Home Cook that we contribute and continue as a business to make changes within society as part of ethical and environmental factors. 



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