Healthy Halloween Spooky Treats

Ingredients – punnet of strawberries, medium size bar of white chocolate, tiny chocolate drops, milk chocolate for mouth dressing 




  1. wash the strawberries leaving the stalks on
  2. place the strawberries into a colander
  3. pour hot kettle water into a bowl and place a small bowl into the bowl
  4. break up the white chocolate, add to the bowl and stir until melted
  5. dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate
  6. place the strawberries onto a plate and leave until the chocolate hardens
  7. decorate using  chocolate drops for eyes and piped chocolate for mouth decoration



Ingredients – 1 x onion, 1 garlic glove, 1 tsp ginger, 1 red chilli, 4 tbsp oil, 1 medium sized butternut squash, pinch of sugar, 2 x cups of vegetable broth, ½ cup orange juice, 1 cup single cream, milled pepper, 1 tsp curry powder, ground nutmeg, thyme to garnish.

Preparation and cooking time: 1 hour


  1. Peel and dice the onion and garlic, wash the chilli, remove seeds and chop finely.  Peel and deseed and dice the butternut squash.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and saute the butternut squash, onion, ginger and chilli.  Stir until lightly caramelised.  Add the vegetable stock, cover and cook gently for about 35 minutes, until soft.
  3. Puree the soup using a handheld blender.  Add the orange juice and single cream and bring to the boil.  Season with pepper and curry powder, add nutmeg to taste. 
  4. Ladle the hot soup into bowls and garnish with fresh thyme and a touch of single cream.  Enjoy.





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