Did You Know that .....

Sugar - is also known as brown sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, dried fruit, fruit juices, fractose syrup, glucose, honey, invert sugar, lactose, malt extract, (maltose) maltodextrin, molasses, muscovado sugar, raw cane sugar, soft brown sugar, syrup, unrefined sugar, gur, cheeney, mitah, caramel and demerara.  Although it can sometimes be time consuming to read ingredient contents, it can also be reassuring to know we can choose an alternative lower in sugar product or make the product ourselves. 

Did you know that the following contain high amounts of sugar and is the equivalent in sugar cubes. 

Tinned fruit in syrup = 22 cubes

Lucozade = 16 cubes

Packet of fruit pastels = 14 cubes

Can of fizzy drink = 12 cubes

Jam portion = 10 cubes

Honey portion = 7 cubes

low fat horlicks = 7 cubes

Chocolate drink = 5 cubes

Frosties = 3 cubes

Jelly (1 pint) = 30 cubes

Introducing simple steps such as reducing the amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis can contribute towards living a healthier lifestyle, reducing the risk of obesity and other health related risks. 

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