Support with diet and substance misuse

Did you know that substance use can often lead to poor eating habits, weight loss, malnutrition, poor food choices, digestive disorders such as diarrhoea and constipation, physical and mental health problems and how re-introducing good nutritional food choices can have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Home Cook can offer you a range of 1-1 support and guidance based on diet and substance misuse recovery programme, offering a free 1 hour consultation at your home, tailored to suit your requirments. (For further details - please contact me to arrange a free no obligation consultation)

I can offer a range of tailored support towards you introducing and making healthy food choices to help you achieve a healthier balanced lifestyle. Here is just a brief example of what I offer:

Food storage – offering practical support and guidance when making a range of recipes and storing meals, saving you time, money and helping you to maintain personal goals. 

What’s in your cupboard? – offering support when making food choices and replacing with basic ingredients and other recommended ingredients towards long term healthy balance.

Cooking methods – offering practical support and guidance using a range of cooking skills and methods when making a range of recipes using basic ingredients. 

Balance of good health – helping you to make alternative food choices using a range of basic ingredients and cooking methods.

Meal-times – offering support and guidance based on eating at regular meal times and other times throughout the day based on recommended calorie consumed healthy balanced diet. 

Portion sizes – offering you guidance on what is a portion and how this should look on a plate when serving at mealtimes. 

Leaflets – Home Cook can provide a range of free leaflets based on personal goal requirements towards you introducing and maintaining your personal goals. 

"I have provided a wide range of support to clients who have successfully achieved personal goals and experienced the many benefits from making lifestyle changes where this has …

Boosted confidence and self-esteem

introduced making positive lifestyle changes

Increased physical and mental health wellbeing

Reduced poor eating habits and malnutrition

Increased knowledge of making good nutritional choices and using basic ingredients

Improved digestive function

Reduced loneliness and isolation

Next Step - Please feel free to contact me should you require further information or would like to book your free no obligation consultaion to discuss how i can help you achieve your personal goals. 


FREE Initial consultation

I will arrange to visit your home free of charge for up to one hour.  The free consultation will offer you the opportunity to discuss how and if we can work together to ensure Home Cook can offer a range of suitable support and guidance.  I can also offer alternative options to suit client needs and requirements, offering signposting and referrals to specialist services/agencies. 

Standard fees

Following this, fees are based on length and requirements of each session, where a fee is payable.  Variable payment options available.     


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